Quoatation For Services
We recommend/solicit following before effecting deployment to a post:
1. A security survey of the premises by an Zihad Security Services team.
2. A contract to be signed by both parties for a minimum period of one year before       deployment.
3. Minimum lead-time required for deployment is 2 months.
4. Minimum of two guards to be employed for the night shift.
5. Minimum of 1 month written notice to be given by the either party to terminate the           contract. Otherwise one (01) month notice pay has to be paid by the customer to ZSS for further disbursement to the guards who will be laid-off without sufficient notice period.
6. Amount equivalent to two months service charges is to be paid in advance to meet           mobilization expenses. The amount will be adjusted with the bills of the last month or as agreed by both the parties.
7. Amount equivalent to one -month service charge is to be paid as festival bonus for two Eid Festivals/ other religious festival depending on the religious background of the individual.
8. This offer is valid for 02 (two) months.