Today’s savings is the future of the next days. In this heading our main intention is materialized by wealth in reality by your co-operation . So , Shawpno Finance And Investment expose to you in 2008. An expert director and hard diligence of employee by your co-operation , and builds self-dependent to thousand members to gain goodwill in the present time.

Shawpno Finance And Investment inspires educated, mid-educated and illiterate mass people make well-organized by fixed amount build capital between them. It is possible to build a productive and profitable project such as – Small cottage industry , Mid-level trade institute , cattle rearing , poultry firm, fishering firm etc.

Shawpno Finance And Investment Ltd. has been built up job opportunities, Poverty alleviation and make chance to assure a profitable investment which is approved by democratic Government of Bangladesh and Government Registration No-C-71372 (1152) 2008.

We offer our employees excellent opportunities to further their career. We share our success with them through performance related systems of incentives. This helps to foster entrepreneurship. At the same time, we ensure strict compliance with the ethical principles. Shwapno Finance & Investment seeks to constantly increase its return on equity for its shareholders, building on a systematic program of value-based management.