SFIL is involved in capital intensive projects in various sectors. REFL helps entrepreneurs to raise fund for their projects from banks/ financial institutions by finding the right partners and negotiating acceptable terms for the clients. Besides, some of the major corporate business houses in the country are already clients of REFL and sometimes some industrials investments are too big for single financing. To facilitate establishment of larger industrial enterprises these large investment proposals are financed jointly by two or more financial institutions under syndication.

What We Do
  1. Conducting due diligence of the client
  2. find the right consortium partners and negotiate acceptable terms and conditions
  3. Preparing Information Memorandum (IM)
  4. Distributing IM to the targeted financial institutions
  5. Preparing legal documents and coordinating disbursement

Required Time:

The entire process is usually completed within 3-6 months. However, this may vary based on the complexity of the deal.